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May 23, 2017

Holy geez y'all... check out this incredibly generous series of interviews that RSI Culture Plus made for us! So many hugs to our friends Claudia and Gioele for making this happen!

Full video series and article here (fyi – Google translate does an obscure, however interesting job. Is good):


May 23, 2017

Download or order a copy of our debut album "Everybody Sucks" here!


Or just have a wee listen here!


And an even wee-er listen here!



May 23, 2017

OUT OUT OUT! Out from the closet of our back-minds! Out like the demon Legion from an afflicted Gerasene! Out like grease from clothes with Dawn dish detergent! Out and loud and proud in the name of the Lard! THE ALBUM IS OUT! BLESS. IT IS FINISHED.

Buy / Download: https://nobodyreads.bandcamp.com/releases

Stream: https://open.spotify.com/artist/58hODaopZqxQbRqbyXlhl5

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